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Salini Salt Pans

Date of Completion:

Period of contract: 24 weeks
Starting date:  January 2012
Percentage of works completed:  100%

Camray was involved in the restoration part of the Salini Salt Pans in St. Paul’s bay which are effectively situated on an 18,000 square metre island build by the knights.

Camray had a 33% partnership in a joint venture for this project.

The Major works that were carried out included:

  • Cleaning up of the whole are of the salt pans
  • Draining and removal of silt from the salt pans
  • Rebuilding and restoring the parameter walls and low walls of the salt pans
  • Replacement and restoration of ciangatura
  • Pointing
  • Levelling of surrounding areas


| Photography credits go to Jonathan Borg |