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L-Istazzjon Cafe and Eatery

L-Istazzjon Cafe and Eatery had various works that needed to be implemented. Camray took on this project ti completely renovated and finish off this unique venue. All coordination project management, materials and works have been carried out under Camray’s supervision together with various subcontractors that helped to finalise this project.


Indoor works included mainly the following tasks:

  • All Doors and Window alterations to bring to original state
  • Taking off all concrete slabs and stairs
  • One of the major issues was the cleaning of stone.  In the past this stone was given a yellowish sealer which was composed from glue and stone water repellent. Therefore, we had to use Micro blasting and localized cleaning with appropriate chemicals to remove this finish.
  • Restoration of all walls and features
  • Steel structure to form the 1st floor with all glass railing
  • Steel structure to form utility rooms and stairs.


Outside works mainly included of the below tasks:

  • 12 mts Concrete piles and huge concrete reinforced beams structure to form platform which is all the outside area. This was done because all the ground is made of clay and was very unstable; which results in the ground not being safe enough to take the weight for the new steel structure that was to be built.
  • Restoration of all walls with the same intervention as inside
  • Outside Steel structure (Wagon Restaurant)
  • All boundary walls and stone pilasters
  • All steel railings and Gates
  • Changing of canopy
  • Changing of mild steel pillars which take the canopy
  • All drainage pipes installations
  • All wooden doors and windows.


 This project was completed in the early quarter of 2016.